Winter January 15, 2024

Navigating Freezing Temperatures as a Homeowner

As the winter season sets in, homeowners like myself, need to take proactive steps to protect their homes. I was reminded I was a homeowner this week when I found ice frozen to the inside of a window in our home. Yup, inside, not outside where ice belongs in the winter. Freezing temperatures can brrrr-ing about a host of challenges that may impact the structural integrity, safety, and efficiency of your home.

  1. Give Your Heating System Some Love: First things first – let’s show some love to our heating systems. Schedule a pro to give it the once-over. Regular maintenance not only keeps things running smoothly but also ensures you stay toasty when the cold really hits.
  2. Seal Those Drafts: Ever feel a chilly breeze indoors? Time to play detective! Hunt down those sneaky drafts around windows and doors. Seal them up and consider adding some extra insulation to keep the warmth in and the cold out.
  3. Show Your Pipes Some TLC: Frozen pipes? No thanks! Give your pipes a warm hug by insulating them, especially in chilly spots like the basement and attic. And here’s a nifty trick – let a little water trickle through faucets on super cold nights to keep those pipes from turning into icicles.
  4. Winterize Your Outdoor Spaces: Your garden needs some winter love too if you can brave the cold! Trim those overhanging branches, store away the outdoor furniture, and give your lawn some attention. Bonus points for shutting off and draining outdoor water sources to avoid any nasty surprises come spring.
  5. Fireside Chats and Cozy Nights: If you’ve got a fireplace, it’s time to get it roaring. Make sure it’s clean and ready for action. And there’s nothing like the crackle of a good firewood stash for those movie nights and cozy evenings.
  6. Safety First – Check Alarms and Detectors: Let’s talk safety. Test those smoke detectors and carbon monoxide alarms to make sure they’re doing their job. With everything buttoned up tight for winter, good air quality is key to a healthy home.
  7. Power Outage Prep: Winter storms can sometimes play havoc with power. Have a little emergency kit ready – flashlights, batteries, blankets, and some non-perishable snacks. And hey, ever thought about a generator for those longer outages?
  8. Snow Day Clean-Up: Snow and ice can turn your driveway into a slip-and-slide. Stay on top of it by regularly clearing the snow and ice. And go easy on the de-icer – let’s keep our plants and furry friends safe too.

In a nutshell, a bit of preparation goes a long way in making winter a breeze. Learn from our mistake and check your home before you have ice indoors. And, always reach out to a professional if you have questions or concerns.

Cozy homes, warm vibes, and a dash of winter magic – that’s the recipe for a perfect chilly season. Stay warm, stay snug, and enjoy the beauty of winter right from the heart of your home! 🏡❄️